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School of Media and Technology, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery – 

Thesis Exhibition Calumet Gallery - BFA Photography Exhibition
Company Overview
​After Mauricio A. Rodriguez decided to immerse his life in this new passion and keep himself behind the camera and at times in front of the lens,he rediscovered himself as an artist and realized that his life is full of visions that are translated into his work. He has come to realize that talent is situational and is directly inspired and influenced by your upbringing, social environment, long life struggles and discoveries; Triggers of the Creative Mind.
The presence of reality and the idea of the surreal is what drives him and his photography to continue to create a body of work where self experience and self identification within society, affects his art and persona leading him to the obsession of being in the present with images that exhibit a deeply mysterious atmosphere, with unexplained elements that seem to refer to something else seen, read or imagined beyond the photograph. 
RAM IMAGERY is a photography brand that was created with the intention of capturing the beauty and nature of the true human being. As we move away from the highly re-touched industry we begin to enter an era where the true-self of any celebrity and people are what the industry and us, aspire for.
Now we have taken photography to the next level, The moving image. RAM IMAGERY and couple of brilliant editors have joined forces and have created RAM IMAGERY Productions, where each of our aesthetics and views can be well translated in our videos. Both, as Video Directors and Editors, we are creating videos that leave the viewer wanting more.